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Friends' Pet Gallery

This is a picture of our Corgi, Chloe.

Kathleen says "She is an absolute sweetheart. She is 12 years old and her birthday is February 12th! Chloe loves going for rides in the truck and swimming in the ocean! Chloe is loved by everyone who meets her! Here she is sitting in the yard while I am in the garden! The whole family fell in love with Corgis after reading Tasha's books and watching her very first video on a VHS!"

This is Grace,

a Dudley Labrador Retriever.  Fran says "She wandered into my life at our Duncan, OK ranch eight years ago.  Though we live part time in Oklahoma City, she is most happy running free in the wild woods.  In fact her favorite thing to do is run at top speed.  She is very bright and friendly…and beautiful as you can see.  We often ask her who does her makeup…taupe eyeliner, nose and lips; white lashes; velvet ears.  But Grace has yet to share her beauty secrets, choosing instead to remain a mysterious lady.   My now grown children’s favorite books were by Tasha.  As for me, I own many of her beautiful life style books.  Thank you for keeping her grace and style alive."


is a 17-year old African Grey who, according to his person Steve, is sick and tired of seeing only corgis and cats on the web site--he asked that I forward his latest picture along. He has a vocabulary of hundreds of words, phrases, songs and noises--not all of which would meet with Tasha’s approval, but she would love his loon imitation!  He would also love to see that red table cloth on his caretaker’s dining room table (that would be me)!  He sends holiday greetings to Hannah and Captain Pegler, who I understand have gone on to loving new homes.

Debbi says

"I wanted to share a photo of my sweet Henri with you...he is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that I adopted from the pound 3 years ago!" 


lives with Shannon who says "I discovered Ms. Tudor this year looking up corgi stuff. I wish I had learned about her sooner! Her art is like comfort food for the eyes. I look forward to learning more about her.

Attached are a few pictures of my pembroke, Darby O'Gill.

He and I are inseparable. There are no words to the joy he brings me. His favorite things to do are to say "hi" to everyone and everything. It's a blessing to see the smiles he brings out of people. He is also a master of keep-a-way and loves diving under blankets to play hide and seek.  I get the magic Ms. Tudor felt for her corgis. It smiles at me everyday :)

Thank you for continuing to share Tasha Tudor to the world.

Hannah, Cooper and Monte,

live with Ben who says

"Hannah the female fur kid in the dress just passed away,


Cooper, 7 years old (still acts like a puppy)

Monte in the superdog outfit is 12 years old


a 1 year old fluffy, lives with Lisa who says "We had 2 beautiful females who we had to put to sleep last spring. We waited  for the next "perfect" dog and we got Leo. People tell me us is the most beautiful dog they have ever seen. I tell them he is the devil! He is 100% pure Corgi Puppy and I love every challenging moment of his adolescence.  We would be honored to have you include his picture on your friends page.


lives with Dawn who says " There are currently 5 Cardigan Welsh Corgis in residence at my house.  Here are a couple of pictures of Magnum, who has never met a camera he wouldn't ham it up for. I love Corgis.  And fish.  Corgi hair in my fish tanks, not so much."

Koda and Tate,

live near Tampa, Florida with their humans Walt and Cookie who says "We've been privileged to have owned 5 corgis. Here are our latest two rescues...Koda, a redheaded tri and Tate, a black-headed tri"

Lulu and Flynn,

live with Claire who says "I grew up reading Tasha Tudor's children books with my mom. She also had the book "Drawn From New England" and I loved to look through it. It was my first introduction to Corgis and I fell in love. While I grew up with Labs and mutt dogs, I knew someday I would get a Corgi....well not only did I get one, but now we have 2. LuLu is a red Pembroke and is 10 months old and Flynn is a tricolor Pembroke and is 6 months. This photo was taken when we first got Flynn and these two have been loving sisters ever since.  Tasha and her family's love for Corgis truly introduced me to the best dogs I've ever owned."


lives in Finland in Helsinki with his family Eeva, Oka, Johannes and Ketut. Nuuhku’s owner Eeva became enthusiastic about corgis after watching a document show  about Tasha Tudor on TV. He is 11 years old.


lives in Austin, Texas with his person Jan who painted his portrait.

Two cats,

Pixie (grey/bown)and Sancho (orange) from Iowa City, IA would like to say hello!

Louie and Lily,

ages 5 and 4 live with Donna who says " Louie's father is Lily's grandfather, so I guess that makes Louie her uncle! They love to go for rides in the car!"


name was preeminent in the choice of our cuddly and remarkable adopted greyhound's new name.   Natasha is also a charming fictional Russian princess in our favorite novel, War and Peace.   Natasha leaps over a backyard raised garden bed with such ease, and the gorgeous profile of the Greyhound bus logo!  :)   She is a former racing greyhound with no signs of retiring from running!  But she will be drawn and painted prolifically in her long beauty naps while draped on the couch! 

Scotty and Zuzu,

live with Wanda who says " I am sending pictures of my kitties Scotty and Zuzu. Scotty is posing on a white wicker chair in an area in my yard that people call the secret garden. We live in Clinton Iowa right near the Mississippi River. "

"Scotty was lonely so last year we added Zelda zuzu to our family. Zuzu loves Scotty as is evidenced by the 2nd picture. I was thinking of Tasha Tudor and visted your site. I was glad to see that you have lovingly and thoughtfully carried her life on."


is the BEST dog ever....he lives in Southport NC and loves to go out in the boat with Pappy! His person says "I just love my Corgi Alex...he is so adorable and loves to follow me around like a little shadow." 

Lord Stanley,

lives with the Webb Family in upstate NY who say "we are sure that he is quite convinced that he is actual royalty.  He is 13 years young and enjoys treats, belly rubs, and long naps. "


lived with Nancy who says "I was raised on Tasha Tudor books and have Dozer (7 years) and had dear Dottie (who passed away at 14 years, left). Dotts was a Cardigan Welsh Corgi and a retired AKC champ in the ring who enjoyed sunning herself on the deck, chewing on bones and watermelon and gentle snuggles as I would put my shoes on each morning. I still miss her gentle spirit. She was both blind and deaf when this image was taken but she still knew how to work the camera."

The Kuzma Family,

sends this photo and says "This is our Corgi Cassie. She runs our home in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. "



Karen says,

"These are some photos of our corgis, Wally and Case, and their tabby cat, Louie. Casey is our sable girl with one blue eye and one brown eye, and Wally is her black headed tri brother. Louie is a lurker as can be seen in this picture. They all reside with us in Raleigh, NC.


Timmy and Scooter,

live in Vermont with Tamar who says "as Tasha always said, there is nothing like a Corgi, and once you own one, you understand that the saying is so true!  Timmy turned 4 in March of this year 2011 and Scooter will be 3 in October. 

" Timmy and Scooter have another Corgi Brother named Jake who is six and he is in the other picture. All three boys love to spend time with their humans; and Jake especially takes his job very serious in regards to 'Barn Manager'; he loves to heard the animals we have on our small hobby farm, goats, mini horses, Alpaca’s and Big Horses. "


lives with Georgia who says "Caroline is two and a half years old and likes playing with her big brothers Reggie the Jack Russell and Crush the cat. I think she's cracking up in this picture over a joke Reggie must've told her."


people say " This is Cooper, the Corgi I finally got after MANY years of reading Tasha's books ( starting with First Graces, given to me the year I was born- 1958) and falling in love with the breed.


lives with Geoff who says "I first became aware of Tasha and her wonderful works when I was employed at a little gift shop in Traverse City, MI where we live.  For years now I have sent out her wonderful cards.  This is a picture of our Harley who passed away last November and our new corgi Beau Geste."   Later note:   This [bottom right photo ]is Maxwell, he is our new addition to our family.  He is little bro to Beau Geste.


lives with Heather who says "Here is a photo of my Chickadee. She is thirteen years old, but I have only had the pleasure of knowing her for the last two years. She is such a gentle and nature-loving little dog; calm and appreciative of all the changes of the seasons. She lives with me in St. Petersburg, Florida, where we enjoy the spray of the gulf as much as a ramble in the woods."

JPTucker, Atticus Finch and Beedle the Bard

live with Donna who says " Wanted you to see my furbies: Atticus Finch Pembroke, my rescued love.  He is about six the vet thinks.  He has been a marvelous addition to our family.  J. P. Tucker Pembroke was featured in your corgi section 9 years ago when he was a baby.  And Beedle the Bard, a Lionshead Bunny. The Corgis love him.


Rudolf and Edward

live in Estonia with Epp Maria and Jaak who say "We live in old renovated farmhouse and the family is very happy about these two boys who this year will be two years age. Rudolf enjoys our winters with deep snow , but Edward has to put on his winter coat to go out for a walk on the Baltic seaside. They get along marvelously , but small Ruudi (Rudolf ) is the boss of course. I admire the works of Tasha Tudor and am happy to received recently the book about her garden, that is most inspiring."

Eloise and Becky

live in Jamestown, RI with Marjorie who says "I knew one day we would have a Corgi. I was brought up on all of Tasha Tudor's books and loved the animals she painted best of all. Becky was from a litter all named for Tasha Tudor characters. We also have a Bernese Mountain Dog, Eloise. I wish Tasha had painted some Berners, they go so well with the Corgis and look so good in the snow. "

Brady, Tabitha, Abby and Marmie

live in Norco, California with Nita and Bill who say "Here is our Brady (left) and Tabitha. Along with two other kitties we adopted this year, including Abby, a feral Siamese kitten and Marmie (Dearest), the Mom of the first two. We meant to adopt one kitty and ended up with four. Oh well, they all get along pretty well.  I loved Tasha Tudor, her drawing, sentiments and creativity."

Bogie and Joby

live in Idaho with Brenda who says "I would love to have you add these three members of our family to your Pet Gallery.  Libby passed away in August 2008 after many years of mutual love and devotion and we all miss her! Bogie and Joby are the best of friends"


Say hello to Chokobi and Goro
Thanks to Janet for this lovely painting.


lives with Joan and Nathan in Pennsylvania who say “We have a new member to add to our family, her name is Meggie, in memory of Tasha. Nathan is happy to have Meggie who loves to play ball and go for walks. Tasha’s memory will always live in our hearts.  I miss Tasha dearly. What a beautiful world she created in her artwork and home life.”

Angel, Hollie and Martha,

live with Denise who says "I thought I would send you a few pictures of our Corgis. I have followed Tasha Tudor for years and I treasure my cookie tins with the Corgis on them. We have had Corgis for 20 years and we have great memories and pictures of all our past dogs. I really enjoy all of your newsletters."

Dandelion, Fuzz and Tabby Too,

love to watch the bird (squirrel and even sometimes deer) feeder. Fuzz joins the family in liking Charlie Rose. Tabby Too loves her Christmas sock of catnip and Dandelion looks so pretty on an oriental rug.

Spirit and Shadow,

live in Northern Idaho with Pat who says "I have enjoyed Tasha's books since 1979 when I gave my oldest daughter, Jennevieve "The Springs of Joy" when she was just six years old.  Over the years all four of my children have been raised on Tasha's books.  I am sending you a photo of my two best friends, Spirit and Shadow, taken this past winter while out snowshoeing in the woods around our cabin.  They are brother and sister, just two years old, and are my constant companions, filling my life with love and joy.  Thank you for your newsletter, which I enjoy receiving so much."

Farley and Megan,

who live in Japan, welcome Noriko whenever she returns home.


is a bookstore cat who lives in a Knoxville, TN bookstore. He is a mellow fellow and loves all the attention he gets from his customers.

Lydia (12) and Colby (6),

live in New Jersey and are taking a walk in one of their favorite wooded parks. Colby loves to play "hose" (chasing the water stream) more than anything and Lydia loves to play catch with her favorite toy, "crabby". At the end of the day they enjoy cuddling up to a warm lap, family or friend. 

This is Casey,

a young lurcher rescued in County Cork, Ireland. Lurchers are a cross between greyhounds and usually a border collier and or terrier of some sort. They are used for "lamping" which is hunting for rabbits at night illegally with a flashlight. They are intensely loyal and loving dogs. Casey's adoptive parent has helped rescue greyhounds and lurchers for 16 years here in Ireland.

Michaela Abigail Tudor

lives in Bowling Green, Kentucky with Steve and Alecia and is named after Tasha, but is known as 'Abby.'


is a full grown German Shepherd dog with Pituitary Dwarfism so she is very small (only 30 pounds). She will be five years old April 6, 2009. Donna was born in San Rafael, California at Guide Dogs for the Blind, but was career changed because of her dwarfism. She is the sweetest little girl. She moved with Elizabeth last year to Virginia, where they share a home with Sharon and Jim.

Miss Daisy, Cody & Huckleberry

live with Erin who says "I was so sorry to read about Tasha's death.  She really was a beautiful illustrator.  I have three corgis and I proudly display any book she has a corgi in, on my coffee table in the living room for others to see." 


lives with Gail and is a man of few words. He is a complete gentleman. Never intruding on visitor's personal space, however he greets each visitor with grace and if they are not versed in the appreciation of his charm, he quietly retreats to an observation post elsewhere in the room.


lives with Karen and Rolf in Liberty Township, Ohio. Here, she is enjoying a walk through the woods with her "cousin" Corgi, Bailey, who lives just down the road.


lives with Katie, Pam and Rick in Liberty Township, Ohio. Here she is soaking up the warm summer sun. She lives just down the road from her "cousin" Corgi, Gertie.


is nine years old and lives with Jan who adopted him from a shelter four and a half years ago.  He had been rescued off the street, and really needed a forever home with a long rehabilitation to living with people.  He is very affectionate and sweet, as well as beautiful, and Jan loves having him live with her.

Here is Tinka

with her new babies.  The live in Vermont with Kathleen who says "Juliette weighed 7 lbs. and is on the right.  Justin weighed 8 lbs. and is on the left.  They were born April 30th, 2009 at 7:10 a.m. and 7:15 a.m.  I bred Tinka, my big beautiful Coopworth for white lambs and here is what I got!  It doesn't matter at all to me, because I love all little lambs."   

These six very loving, rescued children,

live in southern Maine with Liz who says "Our human son is all grown up, so our furry kids now fill our daily lives. All of our dogs do agility and a few attend regular competitions. We feel our lives are improved by having so many loving pets around us. Yes, it takes great responsibility, but we never have a humorless day with so many varied doggy antics taking place."

Bridget MacDagtha

passed away last October two days after she turned nine.  She is the one looking up with snowflakes coming down.  As all dog owners would say, they are the most wonderful dogs in the whole wide world.

Aeonghus MacDagtha, Brother of Bridget is a remarkable 11 years and 8 months and lives with Carol who says "I have had to lift him up for the last year and a half to help him to walk."

"Ana Bridie Rosa, Bridget’s little sweetie pie, a 8 month old girl puppy who was “sent” to me a week and a day after Bridget died.  She is named Bridie is another name for Bridget in Celtic tradition."

"The names come from Celtic mythology. The Macdagthas were the mythical gods of everything good.  Bridget was a triple goddess in Celtic mythology, later taken as a name in the Christian tradition. Bridget is the goddess of the hearth and warmth and many other things. This Bernese Mountain dog seems to love to sit, lean, cuddle, and generally be sure to be loving all the time they are not playing in the snow. Bridie has gone to work with me every day. I work as a psychologist and she has an uncanny way of being ever so thoughtful to people when they come to meet with me." 

Dixie (3) and Callie (1),
live in Middletown Ohio with Andrea who says "The house we live in is full of Tasha Tudor collectibles.  The first Tudor item that I ever got was in 1990 a Corgiville Fair print."  

This is Improved Jupiter

who was a "found" cat and seems appreciative of a good home. She lives in Topeka, Kansas with Carol who says "Improved Jupiter is named after an old mandolin we have displayed in our home. The mandolin label clearly states it is an 'Improved Jupiter' model. The cat is an improved model also. Thus, the name.   Mostly, we call her 'Kittie,' however." 

This is Poogy

an angora goat who lived with Singing Wind who says "I bottle raised her. She has passed on but is never forgotten."

a Beagle/Pomeranian mix, lives in Burlington, Vermont with Valerie and George who say "Gus enjoys tagging along for bicycle rides (he even has his own cart  for when he tires of the run ),kayaking, boating  and hunting when the season allows. Gus takes very good care of his family of people and animals which  include cats, chickens as well as ducks. He has many friends in the neighborhood which he likes to visit for play dates as often as possible."

"He is the most attentive and sweet little dog and I thought he deserved to be showcased with other well deserving pets on your web site. I just know others will love to see his darling face. One cannot look at him without wanting to pet and give him a smile. I enjoy the emails I receive, the web site as well as the art work
and stories of Tasha Tudor. Thank you for sharing with the public and for allowing the public to share with you. Looking forward to the museum as we enjoyed the exhibit at Shelburne  Museum very much."


Please send your pet photograph and a short description to us and we'd be happy to add your friend to our website.

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