Amy Tudor
August 13, 2016

We marked Tasha’s 100th Birthday, August 28, 2015, with an intimate event, one that was infused with a sense of beauty, a Tasha Tudor necessity.  We taught our guests how to paint using Tasha’s techniques; we shared stories, food and tea.  And of course, we floated her 100th birthday cake. People who weren’t in attendance might have started wondering why we hadn’t been posting much on our website or facebook or even been sending many e-newsletters.  Was everything all right in the Tasha Tudor world?  Was it ending?  Was it over?

Now, as we look forward to celebrating what would have been Tasha’s 101st birthday, we find this a fitting time to share where we are, what we’ve been doing and extend an invitation to you.

One of the many admirable traits Tasha exhibited was the ability to stay calm, even if a garden visitor were stepping on a precious rose cutting that had been slowly taking root for weeks.  Now, we restrain ourselves with the same calm as we begin sharing a bushel basket full of news.

As you can see, we have a new website.  Lots of folks have new websites; perhaps the fact that we also have one sounds relatively ho-hum...until you go online and look at the store and realize that we have all-new product pictures.   Which means that you can see our goods in fine detail, for the first time ever, really.  And the big story, which we’ll say very quietly so as not to disturb Tasha’s spirit…our store now works on cell phones and tablets.  It’s all right if you pass that secret along.


And there’s more…but first, we invite you to explore our new website. Tell us what you like, what is confusing,  about a broken link or even if you get lost.   We ask you to…



And BE HEARD by sending us an email and letting us know how your experience goes. If you are the first to report a problem, we’ll send you a coupon code for a free set of Children in Blue cards. 

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Whenever we host a tour of Tasha’s homestead or read our emails, we hear fabulous stories.  We have created some ways that you can share them, and not just with us, but with the whole Tasha Tudor community!

We love, love, love seeing photos and hearing stories about your beloved furry friends (corgi or otherwise).  We’ve updated our sharing space so that you can post photos of your pets yourself. We want to see your corgis, cats, goats and sheep! Pets will always be an important part of the Tasha Tudor world.  Take a look here.

We’ve enjoyed sharing Tasha’s recipes over the years.  We’ve seen photographs of your Dundee Cakes, and Lemon Custards and Oatmeal Bread.  Soon, you can post those photos directly to our site!

Many of you host Tasha Tudor presentations and exhibits at your local libraries, schools, etc.  We want to help spread the news about your event.  Now you can share with the whole Tasha Tudor community... Just go to ‘Events’ section and add your event. ( This feature coming Soon!)  We'll fine tune your listing before we take the final step of publishing it on our website. 

Thank You

We must pause and send a hearty thank you to Dawn Russell and her staff at Artisan Web and Print.   We knew she would create a beautiful website that told our story.  We did not anticipate that walking with her on this journey would clarify so fully who we are and what we do.   She asked question after question and we were like children spilling out the news of finding deer prints, a chipmunk hole, or baby birds as we discussed our history and our future.  And she turned the conversations into what you see before you.

As most people increase their daily 'screen time', we invite you to keep the pace of your children's and grandchildren's quiet by starting them early with Tasha's board books (such as Tale for Easter, 1 is One or Pumpkin Moonshine), before the children have a favorite television show or computer game. Look at Tasha's borders and feel sheepish when their lovely childish fingers point out more than you saw.  Remember the wonder. 


We have more to share about our plans for the next 100 years of Tasha Tudor but we’ll save it for next time.  Remember to explore and be heard.  Though our thanks might be sounding repetitious by now, Tasha herself repetitiously remarked how grateful she was for having ‘the nicest fans.’   We continue to agree with her and thank you for being the nicest fans.