Natalie Wise
July 18, 2011

So many of the good things in life take some extra care. A garden, a special meal, tea time...they all take a bit of extra time and attention out of your day. But if you do them, and do them with a bit of extra love as well, you will be greatly rewarded. The same goes for woodenware--it is a workhorse in the kitchen, constantly at the ready to do battle with thick stews, or to carefully coax beaten egg whites into a batter. But if we take a bit of extra time to take extra care with the woodenware, it shines so beautifully! A well-oiled, well-seasoned wooden spoon feels so nice in the hand, and keeping your woodenware in prime condition will help it last for decades.

Tools for the job: A food-safe wood oil, a Scotch Brite heavy duty scour pad {or wet/dry sandpaper}, two soft rags, a shady spot outside under the tree, and some time.

Step One: Wash the woodenware thoroughly, scrubbing with a heavy-duty Scotch Brite pad, or a piece of wet/dry sandpaper. But do not let it soak, and do not use bleach. Be kind!
Step Two: Let the woodenware dry thoroughly.
Step Three: Pour a small amount of oil onto the soft cloth, and buff the oil into the woodenware. Use a bit of elbow grease! Let it sit for approximately 10 minutes. Then, using another clean rag, wipe off any excess oil. Your woodenware should gleam now!
Most of my woodenware collection is what we sell on the website. I just love it! Have you tried our woodenware? It's made by a small family producer, Whetstone Woodenware, and they do such a beautiful job. All of their tools are really useful, feel well in the hand, and are made of sturdy maple grown within miles of their workshop.