Natalie Wise
March 16, 2011

We're very excited that the April/May (brand-new!) issue of Mary Jane's Farm features an article written by, Natalie, on Tasha and the Tudor Family!

{L-R: Sophia, Christina's daughter; Natalie; Christina; Amy; Jenna...This photo is included in the article, but it's small! Even so, we've been getting a lot of requests for pinafore patterns, which we do hope to have available in the not-so-distant future)

We think you'll enjoy not only this article, but this magazine if you aren't familiar with it. Based out in Oregon, it's an organic lifestyle/women's farm-style magazine. What a perfect "sister" for Tasha Tudor and Family, Inc.! Since this issue is their "Sister Act" issue, we focused on the sisterhood of "the girls" on the, Christina, Amy, Jenna and everyone else (including the littlest girls, Elizabeth, Sophia, and Josie!). We have so much fun!

{we don't want to give away the whole 3-page article, so here's a sneak peek of Tasha, "a beloved American icon," on the Contents page}

"On the heels of mud season, we begin to make a garden. We dig shovels into still soggy land. We break ground together. If breaking ground together is nourishing, so then, is breaking ground to plant seeds...." 

We've heard from many of you (new friends and longtime fans) who saw the article in the magazine, but if you haven't seen it yet, you can order on our online store for your collection!