January 17, 2017

Tasha Tudor embraced the stillness of winter. While some people spend this cold and dark season dreaming of springtime warmth, Tasha relished the invitation to slow down and enjoy long candle-lit evenings in front of the hearth with family, walks through freshly fallen snow, and the subtle beauty of New England blanketed in white. To honor Tasha's love of winter, we at Tasha Tudor and Family are having a White Sale!

From January 18th to January 31st, three of Tasha Tudor's most beloved works, Laura in the Snow, Contented Moment, and Rose Hips will be available for 50% off, using coupon code WHITESALE50 at check out. 

These prints are testaments to Tasha's appreciation for the peace and beauty of winter. 

Laura in the Snow

This is one of Tasha's favorite paintings and one of the most loved by Tasha's followers.  Tasha's granddaughter, Laura, grew up next door to Tasha in Vermont, in the house Seth Tudor built for Laura's mother, Bethany. Here you can see Laura snowshoeing to pick some winter berries as two black cats, or perhaps kittens wonder at what she is doing.

Rose Hips

Tasha Tudor favored this particular rose because it provided valuable winter food for the birds around her home, whose company she adored. The Turkey Red Table Cloth accents the blue vase and complements the rose hips. 

Contented Moment

Contented Moment depicts a traditional scene of a girl and a cat she loves, perhaps drawing near for warmth and comfort on a cold winter day. 

Celebrate the magic and charm of the season and welcome one (or all!) of these prints into your home! They're sure to have you looking forward to winter even in warmer months!