February 28, 2017
Calling all Tasha Tudor Enthusiasts! For the first time in nine years, Tasha Tudor and Family releases a limited number of prints signed by Tasha Tudor. Starting today, you will be able to purchase signed prints of Corgi Family, Winslow, and Colonel Bunn which display some of Tasha’s most distinctive motifs and themes: floral borders, corgis, love of family, and the purity of nature. 

You'll need to act fast as we are only releasing five of each signed print! Once they are sold out there is no telling when the signed version of these prints will be offered again.  This Tasha Tudor and Family exclusive allows a fortunate few the pleasure of bringing home a piece of Tasha’s magic and legacy to admire and share for generations to come.

Corgi Family Print

 Images of Tasha Tudor's beloved corgis, gathered from her sketches, frame the print and surround the central image, a mother and her infant pups. This charming print is a wonderful item to add to any Tasha Tudor collection or to cheer the souls of Corgi lovers everywhere. 

Winslow Print

 Children tend to observe those facets of life that are very worthwhile, and that grownups are interested in, but sometimes need to be reminded of. To have a conversation with a rabbit, to read a book with their cat, to greet to a corgi, marvel at the lightness yet vitality of a bird, or just sit still to look at their surroundings reveals the clarity of purpose a child has. This print depicts Tasha Tudor's grandson, Winslow, as she sketched him quite some years ago. She subsequently made a watercolor from these sketches and we find it extremely charming!

Colonel Bunn Print

A distinctive rabbit, Colonel Bunn frequented the front yard and barn of Tasha Tudor's Webster, New Hampshire home. Tasha Tudor's mother, Rosamond Tudor, had an acquaintance, a Colonel in the Army, whose last name was Bunn. Though Tasha Tudor was nine at the time, the personality and distinctive name of this individual was such that many years later, the rabbit depicted here was named after him. The original of this drawing is a pastel, done in 1960.