February 23, 2017

If you’ve been caught off guard by the passage of time and have made it this far into 2017 without a new calendar, worry not! Our entire selection of 2017 calendars and planners are now 35% off their original prices.

2017 Wall Art Calendar $29.95  $19.46

Our first ever Tasha Tudor Illustrated Wall Art Calendar is truly one of a kind. With 100% recyclable packaging, perforated pages that allow you to frame the art from each month at the end of the year, and templates for making your very own Sparrow Post boxes and envelopes (printed on the back of each page) you are sure to enjoy this calendar even after 2017 is over! If you have already purchased one and can’t bear cutting it up to make your Sparrow Post, now is a great time to buy a second copy dedicated to crafting.

Every year, folks ask us for a wall calendar with photographs. This big, beautiful calendar imported from Japan is just the thing! This 2017 version features lesser known Richard Brown photographs from the 1990s which show Tasha going about her daily life. Snowshoeing in the winter, picking and arranging flowers in the summer, canoeing, gathering firewood and lighting the candles on the Christmas tree.

Tasha Tudor 2017 Daily/Weekly Planner from Japan $21.95 $14.26

You've been asking for planners for years, and we are excited to offer this new version from Japan for 2017. This adorable, small daily and weekly planner/engagement calendar is filled with Tasha Tudor delights. It features monthly calendar pages and weekly two-page spreads, and graph paper at back. Interspersed are beautiful photos of Tasha (some of which you may never have seen before), and small illustrations. Please note, there is some Japanese text in this product. The weekly spread starts on Mondays and the days are numbered.  The days of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) are in Japanese, however it is an easy fix to pencil those in! 

With only seven of the planners left in stock, purchase your copy today before they are sold out!