April 26, 2017

"Gardening has untold rewards...I've never been depressed in my whole life and I've never had a headache."

-Tasha Tudor

Even into her late 80's Tasha Tudor could be seen weeding, planting, pruning, and generally tending to her beloved garden as soon as warmer weather arrived. She attributed her longevity and good health to three things: fresh goat's milk, garlic, and gardening. To help us all get in the gardening spirit (and reap such wonderful "untold rewards") we are putting the entire Tasha's Secret Garden section of our online store on sale for 20% off! Starting at 8 am EST on Monday, May 1st through 12 midnight EST on Wednesday, May 3rd you can use coupon code SECRETGARDEN20 at checkout to receive the 20% discount! 

We have a wonderful variety of garden-related products that are sure to inspire, whether or not you have a green thumb! 

Those who enjoy looking at flowers but may be hesitant to grow their own would surely love the gorgeous full-color book Tasha Tudor's Garden featuring iconic photographs of Tasha and her garden by Richard Brown and insightful writing by horticulturist and long-time friend of Tasha, Tovah Martin. 

Tasha was rarely seen gardening without her beautiful hand-printed Indian scarves covering her hair and tied loosely around her neck. Browse our selection of scarves, made by the same artisans that produced the scarves Tasha so loved, so you can get in the Tasha-spirit (and protect your skin from the sun!) while tending to your garden! 

Cultivate a piece of Tasha's legacy in your own garden by filling it with seeds from Tasha's own beloved plants! We currently offer seven different seed varieties, all lovingly harvested by Tasha's grandson Winslow Tudor. 

Interested in planting a moon garden? Ever wondered how to attract pollinators to your garden or build the beautiful stone walls that Tasha had at Corgi Cottage? Storey's Country Wisdom bulletins offer practical, hands-on instruction designed to help you master dozens of country living skills quickly and easily!

Find all this and more in the Tasha's Secret Garden section on our site!