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Tasha Tudor has written and illustrated more than seventy-five beloved children's books since her first, Pumpkin Moonshine, in 1938. Seventy-seven when this book was made, she lived on a farm in southern Vermont, where she has recreated an early Victorian world. To capture this intimate portrait of Tasha Tudor, photographer Richard Brown followed her though out a year on her farm. By interweaving Tudor's own words and more than 100 color photographs, Brown has evoked the essence of Tudor's uniquely appealing personality and way of life.

The inspiration for Tasha's art is evident in her delightful surroundings. Foremost is the magnificent garden she designed and rightfully called "Paradise on earth." A lively menagerie is always underfoot, indoors and out, including her trademark corgis, the Nubian goats she milked twice a day, the one-eyed cat Minou, the chickens, fantail doves, and the cockatiels, canaries, exotic finches, and parrots that inhabit a virtual village of antique cages. 

We watch Tudor at work in a corner of her winter kitchen, her "chipmunk's nest," on the delicate watercolors and drawings that illustrate the books and calendars that have charmed three generations. Examples of her work are scattered throughout the book, including many drawings from her sketchbook and vignettes never previously published. Her enchanting three-story dollhouse is featured in detail as are her handmade dolls and marionettes as well as the candlelit tree that is the centerpiece of Tasha Tudor's old-fashioned New England Christmas. 

Born in 1914 into Boston society (she sat on Oliver Wendell Holmes's knee as a child; Mark Twain and Albert Einstein were also her parents' friends), Tudor felt from an early age that she had lived before, in the 1930s. She says, "Everything comes so easily to me from that period, of that time: threading a loom, growing flax, spinning, milking a cow." 

Dressed in antique clothing, spinning and weaving her own linen, cooking on a woodstove with nineteenth-century utensils, Tudor inhabits a world that in these evocative photographs speaks to all who long for a simpler existence in harmony with the seasonal rhythms of nature.

Photographer and dear Tudor friend Richard Brown grew up near Boston and graduated from Harvard College, where he studied arts and art history. He moved to Vermont in 1968 and taught in a small rural school before embarking on a career as a photographer. His work has appeared in Harrowsmith Country Life, Audubon, National Wildlife, The New York Times, Country Journal, and many other publications. His books include The View from the Kingdom, A Vermont Christmas, Moments in Eden, Pictures from the Country, Tasha Tudor's Heirloom Crafts, and Tasha Tudor's Gardens

All ages. 144 pages. 10 1/2" x 8 1/2"

Full-color photographs and some illustrations and pencil drawings.

Originally published from 1992-2014. Now out-of-print and much sought after. Hardcover with dust jacket. New condition. Unsigned. Supplies limited.


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