“The intelligence of small children and chickens is often underestimated.” -Tasha Tudor

Chicken whisperer, Ellie Tudor, often presents her extensive knowledge of chickens to visiting friends and tour guests. Her first book Roosters Crow and Hens Don’t can be found in libraries and private collections around the world. With an eye for detail and a gift for surprising the reader, Ellie wrote and illustrated her second book, Chicks Peep and Hens Don’t at age six. When not illustrating, Ellie can be found catching tadpoles, creating doll weddings and helping her sister on the trapeze bar.




Three-year-old Katie Tudor loves dresses and nearly anything her big sister does, thus her love of her one chicken, Blackbeard. She is the resident insect mover and prefers that we don’t kill mosquitoes because they are her friends. When leaving home, she asks for the window to be rolled down so she can wave goodbye to her fairy friends. She waves for a good five minutes, so there must be a lot of fairy friends. Katie isn’t quite old enough to illustrate her first book, though she has already proven her talent for gifted storytelling.

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