May 17, 2011

There has been so much wonderful work done in the garden. The gourd and sweet pea trellises have been built and installed by Winslow, pansies have been planted in abundance by Marjorie, and the weeding has been done with diligence by Jenna. How exciting!
Pansies on Tasha's porch awaiting planting.

Tasha's garden has over 100 different varieties of narcissus and crocus. It's a veritable bulb catalog on the terraces and under the crabapple trees! The upper terraces feature many rows of the small tête-à-tête. Here are just a few photos:

The other day our friend Christina said "I only have a few paltry crocuses...but Spring really comes to Tasha's garden!" and she's right. Tasha's garden really comes alive in Spring. 
Jenna takes a break from gardening early in the season to say hello to Annie.
It's so exciting to see all of the life coming to Tasha's garden, both the joy of the gardeners happily working and the joy of the flowers bursting forth. As Tasha quoted in A Time to Keep:

"Welcome be thou 
faire, fresshe May."
~Geoffrey Chaucer
Welcome, indeed! Has Spring come to your garden? What's blooming now where you live? We'd love to hear!