Natalie Wise
June 16, 2011

We have finally encountered a day of sunshine here in Vermont! Like many of you, we've been swinging from 90-degree weather to 50-degree weather, complete with April or October-like deluges. Our trusty wellies have been given an unseasonable workout!
{Welly owners left to right: Josie, Ellie, Sophie, Jenna, Amy, Natalie, Christina, Tasha}

We all love our wellies here, from tiny baby Josie's first pair, to Tasha Tudor's cracked and worn pair. The majority of ours are Hunter Wellies. The company has been making fine wellies since 1856, and even the Queen approves. We bet her corgis love running alongside hers as well! 

We're hoping they'll get to dry out a little bit soon. If you're inside from the rain, you can shop Hunter wellies here. They come in so many colors...Christie over at Grammy's House blog got a pair in Orchid after asking me what kind mine were. You can see hers here, in her sweet post.
In the meantime, things are drying out for a bit today between rainstorms, and we've got gardening to do!