January 7, 2017

“It may come as a surprise that I am a romantic. This trait sometimes puts me at odds with my practical side, but I have, over the years, attempted to meld the two. Being a romantic, or at least admitting it, is a practical way to enjoy life--it frees one to make the most of everything.”-Tasha Tudor, All for Love

After the excitement and activity of Christmas, the stillness and quiet of midwinter brings a welcome peace. When the weather outside is harsh the magical warmth of home, family, and friends is such a comfort.  And for the Tudor Family, the chill of January and February has always been wonderfully offset by the eager anticipation and preparation that leads up to Valentine’s Day. 

On snowy January days Tasha and her family were warmed by the enduring spirit of tradition, friendship, and love that came with the making of valentines, the baking of cakes, and the lighting of homemade candles to brighten up their home.


The Sparrow Post on Valentines Day as seen in All for Love.

The Tudor family’s love for Valentine’s Day and handmade gifts continues to the present and we invite you to get into the spirit of the holiday with us this winter! Throughout the coming weeks we will be sharing Tasha Tudor’s enduring love of tradition, making things by hand, and, of course, Valentine's Day!

Holiday Cake

Check back each week to find stories about Tasha's Valentine's Day traditions as remembered by her family and recounted in her delightful books.

There is something extra special about a gift made by hand. Tasha always encouraged creativity and doing things yourself and in that spirit we are going to post instructions for making your own Tasha Tudor inspired Valentine Mobile, a recipe for Tasha's much loved Valentine's Day cake, and a glimpse into the Tudor Family tradition of hand-dipping beeswax candles! 

From Tasha Tudor's Old Fashioned Gifts. Painting by Linda Allen

And for those with busy schedules (or an aversion to glue sticks) we have a wonderful selection of Valentine's Day gifts that are sure to delight you and your loved ones! Visit the Holiday section of our shop to find Advent Calendars, cards, and more! We'll be posting some of our favorite gift ideas in the weeks leading up to February 14th. Keep a look out! 

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