Amy Tudor
December 4, 2010

Long abandoned in the corner cupboard lay the Velveteen Rabbit. Or, at least, lay the pictures of Marjorie Tudor's collaborative production of The Velveteen Rabbit with The Boston Children's Theatre. 

Marjorie spent much of the latter half of 2009 working diligently constructing 7 velveteen and wild rabbits, along with a plethora of animals and a rocking horse. They were joined onstage by child actors from The Boston Children's Theatre for their first-ever production of The Velveteen Rabbit (adapted for the stage by Burgess Clark from the Theatre, from the book by Margery Williams).

The collaboration resulted in some great connections, lots of stories, and a fabulous production that received rave reviews. One review says, "Mr. Clarks adaptation, of course, is based on Margery Williams' beloved tale about a stuffed rabbit -doll who becomes doubly-real (first, in his owner's eyes, and then as an actual real rabbit), acted out by BCT students as actors on stage, as voiceovers, and as the life-force behind enchanting rabbits designed by Marjorie Tudor, daughter-in-law of the late Tasha Tudor...".

I just found out there may be other opportunities in the future to see this wonderful production, so please keep an eye on our website for updates! All images courtesy of and copyright The Boston Children's Theatre.