March 1, 2017
Every year in the Northeast the return of spring feels nothing short of miraculous. The sight of tender purple crocuses pushing through white snow can set even the heaviest heart a-flutter. The vibrant green of new leaves delights the eye after months of the muted palette of winter. Birds newly returned from their migration back North fill the air with their lovely chatter and even a chilly wind carries with it the sweet scent of new life, full of hope. 
Illustration from The Secret Garden
For the Tudor family, the return of spring means transitioning from the slower pace of winter into a season of joyful activity, preparing the home and land for warmer weather and all it’s promise. As the snow melts and the ground thaws the garden is readied for planting season, the chickens in their coops begin laying eggs in abundance, and the home is filled with the smell of nourishing food to keep the family happy and healthy through the changing season. And of course, there is much anticipation for Easter! 
This Spring, follow our blog to get behind-the-scenes stories about the Tudor family and their passions. Winslow Tudor will be sharing a bit about his process writing the much loved The Tasha Tudor Family Cookbook and later in the month we’ll post his Granny Tasha's recipe for Hot Cross Buns, which she made every year on Good Friday! In the meantime, enjoy Winslow's lovely story, Preparing for Easter, from our archives!
Ellie Tudor, 7 year old great-granddaughter of Tasha Tudor and renowned Chicken Whisperer, will tell us about her experience taking care of her family’s chickens--including Tasha’s last remaining animal friend, Anadama!
As Easter approaches we will share a guide to making your own Tasha Tudor themed Easter Baskets and instructions for an Easter Egg dyeing project as well as insight into the many methods Tasha and her children used to create beautifully patterned eggs! 
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Here’s to sunny days ahead!