April 3, 2017

It is with both delight and sorrow that we share the following news. Delight because Tasha's world is being enjoyed by so many people in Japan.  Sorrow for our American friends because you must live in Japan to view or buy the new offerings we're sharing today.

 In the past decade, love for Tasha Tudor has been so strong in Japan that several Japanese documentaries have been made about her, new books have been published, and there have been several museum exhibitions dedicated to Tasha that have traveled the country and been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of fans. 

Promotional Poster for Tasha Tudor: A Stillwater Story

 A new Japanese film about Tasha called Tasha Tudor: A Stillwater Story premiers in Japanese theaters on April 15th. Initially the film will be showing in select theaters throughout Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya but will spread to sixty theaters across Japan in the following weeks.

Promotional Poster for Tasha Tudor: A Stillwater Story

The movie is being produced by Kadokawa, one of the leading publishers and movie companies in Japan who say "Tasha Tudor (August 28, 1915 - June 18, 2008), one of America's most beloved author-illustrators of children's literature, has brought abiding joy to generations of readers. During her lifetime, she wrote and illustrated more than two dozen published books.  She is also famous for her marvelous garden. Her natural lifestyle and philosophy of life still attracts people today." 

Poster for Tasha Tudor: A Stillwater Story outside a theater

"A Japanese TV production company, Telecom, have covered Tasha Tudor's lifetime for a NHK programs over the past 10 years. Using the huge amount of footage, this movie is the one and only compilation of Tasha Tudor's life in her later years."  It is such an honor to know that Tasha Tudor continues to inspire so many people all over the world! 

Those of us who are not lucky enough to live in Japan and see the film there can still take part in the excitement by watching the trailer (whether or not you speak Japanese!), posted below . It features interviews with Tasha in her later years and footage of her, her family, and her beautiful home and garden. 

If you live in or are traveling to Japan and are able to see the film, send us a note and tell us what you thought of it! We're eager to see it ourselves!

 In other Japanese news, the100-Year Retrospective "The Life and Art of Tasha Tudor"  exhibit traveled to sixteen sites across Japan from March 2015 to January 2017 and was enjoyed by 379,660 visitors! Tasha’s original artwork, clothing, gardening tools, baskets, kitchen supplies, and other well loved objects from Corgi Cottage were on display. A number of Tasha Tudor themed products were produced in honor of this exhibition and are now available to purchase online for a short time. Unfortunately for those who reside elsewhere, these items cannot be shipped outside of Japan but we can still enjoy looking through these Japanese interpretations of Tasha's style! 

If you are fortunate enough to live in Japan or know someone who does, you may order some of our favorite items like this distinctly Japanese Tasha-style Kewpie keychain:

These sweet calico patterned bandanas for dogs:

Or this clever print of one of Tasha’s hand-written recipes with Japanese translation:

Tasha's Chocolate Chip Cookies

And to our Japanese fans reading this, we want to thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support for the work of Tasha Tudor and her enduring legacy. We look forward to seeing some of you on our Corgi Cottage tours this summer!