February 3, 2018

Today we release two Valentine themed limited edition offset prints. Since we only printed fifty of each and won't be printing these images as prints again for at least five years, we might encourage a bit of haste to procure your favorites before they sell out. 

Both of our Valentine prints were originally published in Tasha's 1984 book All for Love

The Sparrow Post Office image (a cropped image is shown above), illustrates Tasha's love of designing and carrying out elaborate plans for the children. Learn more about the Sparrow Post tradition here.  We issued templates for you to make your own Sparrow Post boxes on the back of our 2017 wall art calendar and they are now also available for download

In Love of Family (a cropped image is shown above) several of the Tasha's joys are combined into one illustration. The glow of love families create with each other, the delight of corgis, (especially a large litter of corgi puppies!), and a mother hen keeping a sharp eye on the dogs, lest they show too much interest in her brood of hens. Tasha saw and captured it all in this limited edition print.

Get your order in by Tuesday afternoon (Feb 6th) and we'll see that your package reaches you before Valentine's Day. 

As we near the end of our offset print release, stay tuned for one last release which we'll share soon (think spring!)