October 27, 2020

An upcoming new documentary airs on NHK ETV November 1, 2020.  A previous 2017 film, The Stillwater Story, is now available for streaming on Hulu in Japan.

“From Tasha Tudor’s Forest”  New Documentary Series

For those of you in Japan who subscribe to NHK’s ETV channel, a new Tasha Tudor program awaits you! On November 1 at 6pm (tentatively) please tune in for the second program in the “From Tasha’s Forest” series. 

Tasha Tudor forest NHK documentary

The first in this series, “Chickens and Pancakes - Tasha Tudor Family's Four Seasons” aired June 21, 2020 in Japan and featured the traditional, nature-based life and philosophy as seen over four generations. A Christmas episode is tentatively scheduled for December, and a fourth episode will tentatively air February 2021. 

woodpile winslow tudor tasha corgi cottage

If you enjoy the programs, please contact ETV and let them know as doing so will increase the likelihood of more programs in the future. 

titania white crested black polish

Titania, a rare breed White Crested Black Polish pullet, lives on the Tudor farm.


The Stillwater Story Film Now on Hulu Japan

Tasha Tudor tea party stillwater story

The Stillwater Story is now available to stream on Hulu Japan. This 90 minute film, produced by Kadokawa productions, was released in select theaters in 2017.  


We first wrote about this film in 2017

tasha tudor stillwater story megan corgi