December 2, 2022

christmas in corgiville intro tasha tudor

Many, many people were first introduced to Tasha through her Christmas cards. For 30 years, she illustrated at least ten new cards each year and this large body of work overflows with heartwarming family celebrations, wonder at nature, New England villages, children with animals and more.

We offer several sets of Tasha's Christmas cards, most including corgis as requested! Spread the warmth of a Tasha Tudor Christmas with your loved ones this year!

Christmas in Corgiville 
Step into the middle of a bustling New England village near Christmas time - one inhabited by corgis, rabbits, crows, cats, ravens, goats and boggarts. 


This illustration of a young mother reading the Night Before Christmas to her children was released as a Christmas Card in 2020.

Doll's Christmas from Tasha's 1950s book




Three illustrations from the beloved 1950 Dolls' Christmas book were released as a Christmas card set in 2020.

Christmas Tree

Originally created for Victoria magazine in the 1980s/1990s, Tasha repainted this image in 2001 as one of the very first Christmas cards produced by her new family business, Tasha Tudor and Family. We re-released this iconic image in 2020.

Winter Moon

This delicately rendered watercolor depicts Tasha Tudor's farm under a full moon during a cold and silent winter night. those of you who have studied a winter night will appreciate the subtleties of this card.

Christmas Festivities


While the darkness of a New England winter night lies throughout the house, all within is full of light, warmth and Christmas Cheer. As you can see the revelry is not confined to the family above the floorboards...beneath an equally festive party goes on. We are pleased to offer this popular image.

Winter at Corgi Cottage


This image is one of the few Tasha Tudor considers among her best. Viewed from the southern portion of her gardens, this picture shows Corgi Cottage after a snowfall.

Winter Walk


Tasha dons her famous red cape to walk the corgyn through her garden. Photo by Richard Brown.

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