December 16, 2020

An upcoming new episode in the "From Tasha's Forest" series called "Looking Forward to Christmas" airs on the Japanese network NHK, on December 20 and 26, 2020.

Tasha Christmas Rookery 600

Above: Tasha Tudor sits in a rocking chair alongside a Christmas Tree her family decorated circa 2005. Notice the Bogart gingerbread ornament, a fun character from The Corgiville Fairholding a toilet plunger. One year, Tasha's gingerbread ornaments decorated the White House tree for the President. One must wonder if she sent a bogart!

“From Tasha Tudor’s Forest”  New Documentary Series

For those of you in Japan and the U.S. who subscribe to NHK’s ETV channel, a new Tasha Tudor program awaits you! On Sunday, December 20th at 6 pm and Saturday, December 26th at 3 pm (Japanese time) please tune in for the third episode in the series. 

Tasha's picture books and Christmas cards document her family celebrating her favorite holiday, Christmas, with activities like decorating Christmas trees, opening Advent Calendars, sharing Christmas teas with the doll family and so much more. 

Amy Tudor Making Tree 600

Wondering what Tasha Tudor traditions look like in modern times?

Tasha's grandchildren and great-grandchildren continue the Tudor Christmas celebrations including celebrating with the animals. In this episode, Tasha's great-grandchildren Ellie and Katie decorate a Christmas tree for their flock of chickens. Decorated with pancakes and apples, the chickens enjoy their delicious celebration! In the Tudor family, Christmas is not just one day, but a month-long merry celebration. 

Chicken Christmas Tree 600

The first in the series, “Chickens and Pancakes - Tasha Tudor Family's Four Seasons” premiered June 21st, 2020 and featured the traditional, nature-based life and philosophy as seen over four generations. The second episode aired in November and the fourth is planned for February 2021. 

Tudor Family Reading Christmas Books 600

Above: Ellie, Winslow, Katie, and Amy Tudor reading Tasha's Christmas books.

Contacting NHK's ETV Channel

If you enjoy the programs, please contact ETV and let them know as doing so will increase the likelihood of more programs in the future.

Tasha Tudor Series Image

From Tasha's Forest Website

See more information and details on this series by clicking on the image above. (If you open it in the Chrome browser, it will offer the option of an English translation.)