August 20, 2014

We've had a lot of cold, rainy days this summer. It's been quite astonishing, really, in stark contrast to the heat of last summer.  Then again we have had many beautiful days, sunny, 75 and perfectly pleasant. On days like this it's a shame to be inside, so we take reading outside, work outside, the children and animals outside. We take lemonade and watermelon and iced tea out on the porch. We tell stories outside, laugh, run, swim, pick berries. 


We make hay while the sun shines, as they say (even though we don't make hay these days, Tasha has depicted it in the classic scene above, available as a print here). 

It has been so chilly on our mountain that we haven't even had to take the violas out of the windowboxes. They bloom happily in profusion, enjoying the blissful respite from heat. But the more showy stars of the garden haven't abandoned us, and they, too, bloom contentedly.

They always say that a flower doesn't look around it to see how tall or how high or how colorfully another flower is blooming, it simply blooms. And so we should as well, bloom of our own accord and to our own fancy.  A whole field of flowers, each blooming individually, being the best it can be, is an awe-inspiring sight, to be sure.

The corgis have gotten up to some mischief while we've been outside. I return to the Rookery daily to find them in new predicaments. As you can see, Freddiegot stuck in the flowerpot by Seth's candle boxes. 

Then there are the more serious corgis, who supervise to make sure the new soaps are packaged perfectly for you. We have a fresh batch of all of our scents and they make great gifts or little luxuries for a gardener in your life whose hands could use a little soothing.

We start with a whole table full of empty boxes.

And add some comfy bedding for the goats and roosters and nests for the hummingbirds...

Finally, we nestle the freshly cured goat's milk soaps in the boxes, safe for their journeys to their new homes. A fresh bar of soap is such a pleasure. Get yours here before this batch sells out.

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer.

Are you excited for autumn?