Natalie Wise
June 9, 2011

Tuesday brought our first official afternoon tea (lemonade) on Granny's porch! We were all so excited! This tradition is full of happy memories, and this occasion was no exception. Marjorie brought out our favorite picnic basket and juiced all of the lemons, Amy and Ellie picked some mint, and Seth carried the basket of goodies through the garden to the porch.
                                                                {a jar of simple syrup waits to be stirred into the lemonade}
                                                                         {Ellie plays in Tasha's garden while we set up tea}
The spread looked so delicious that little Ellie could hardly wait...
                                                                                                    {so adorable!}
We made Tasha's receipts for blueberry muffins (adapted to be gluten-free) and homemade lemonade. Both recipes are in Tasha Tudor's Cookbook. The tempting combination of cinnamon, sugar, and blueberries made Seth proclaim, "These are very good!" Of course, I told him it was his mother's receipt :-)
As usual, tea time is a time to share the stories of the day....the triumphs and foibles. Conversation centered on the new trellis Seth built to replace the old one on the middle terrace, and how poor Marjorie had stubbed her toe in the garden.
Winslow took in the conversation while eating two (three?) muffins. "If they're there for the eating..." he said when I handed him the second or third. Indeed, they were. And we all looked out over the garden, content and reluctant to leave, as the 4 o'clock sun decided it might offer us a bit of shade for the rest of the afternoon.