Tasha Tudor-Style Half-Apron - Chamberlain Blue


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"Bring the bushel baskets!”

You’ve gathered as many apples as your apron can carry, yet the boughs are bending with apples ready for picking. This morning your apron carried daffodil bulbs for the west garden, then gosling teenagers who needing rescuing from the corgis.  Wrap your apron ties round back, then tie them in the front.  That will keep your apron secure as you carry fresh eggs to the kitchen.  Smooth, sturdy cotton, a calico of some sort,  which hides all the small stains from kitchen and farm.

Half apron starts at waist and lands somewhere around your knees (22" from waist the bottom of apron). Wide waist band (one inch wide), with extra long apron ties. Width from side to side is 22" and the ties extend 29" on EACH side.

One size fits all.

100% cotton antique reproduction fabric.

Care Instructions: Machine wash and dry.

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Results 1 - 6 of 7