"Life isn't long enough to do all you could accomplish. And what a privilege even to be alive. In spite of all the pollutions and horrors, how beautiful this world is."

I am one of the relatively few people who can say they grew up in Corgiville (Harrisville, New Hampshire, whose village center is the model for Corgiville). This is just one of several connections that serendipitously led me to the Tudor family's door.

My one enduring "Christmas Book", as I called it, was Take Joy. I sang its carols and read its stories year after year. Even as a child, I could see that the book's content and illustrations showed something richer and more timeless than the tacky holiday consumerism all around me. In time, I was so influenced by the story of "The Fir Tree" that I even boycotted cut Christmas trees for several years!

It turns out (I discovered this shortly after first meeting Tasha) that some friends of my family became the keepers of Tasha's beloved parrots. I hadn't known before to whom they belonged. (Later, I would happily trade stories with Tasha about their antics and hilarious mimicry.)

After living away for too long, I returned to New England and made Vermont home. While making Christmas wreaths at a local farm one winter, an old college friend popped her head in the door to pick up an order for the Tudor family. She was a gardener who helped them. She knew about my passion for plants and asked if I would I be interested in meeting the Tudors and seeing if I was a good fit to join their team.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Tasha in her last years, and delighted in her refined tastes, eclectic knowledge and gentle mischief. While I'm certainly a quirky person, I've also been told I am "very, very candid". And that seemed to work just fine with both Tasha and the other family members I met. Tasha told a friend that I was "like having a little woodland creature come visit" and hardly knew how to take it until I was assured that it was indeed praise.

While I am not always a fan of her artwork, Tasha's personality, lifestyle and integrity resonate with me still. I've gained dear friends in the family she loved. My daughters and her great-granddaughters are playing in the woods behind her house, and their laughter rings through her garden.

You will find me helping in whatever way I am able; whether that's packaging your orders, assisting during tours, potting up window boxes or simply picking up the phone when you call. We've  heard many of your stories about how Tasha's legacy has reached you, and welcome many more.