• A is For Annabelle

    Learn the alphabet from A-Z with the help of Annabelle, Grandmother's doll. Each gorgeously illustrated spread features one of her favorite things. With antique boxes, parasols, and yarn for knitting, children can learn the alphabet in grand style.

    Originally published in 1954, this is the 2000 edition for the "Tasha Tudor Collection" by Simon & Schuster.

    All ages.

    52 pages.

    Alternating black/white and color illustrations.

    Sized 9" x 7".

    Hardcover or Paperback.

  • Doll Size Flatware Tray

    Tasha did not keep good silverware in her tray; rather it held kitchen utensils of various sorts. Doll sized quarter reproduction of Tasha's own flatware tray. Length 3.5'' Depth 2 5/8'' Height 1.5''

  • Doll Tea Party Card Set

    Everyone should have a tea party now and then, especially when you're young and love your dolls and stuffed animals. This card reproduces a scene from when Tasha was a young mother, and her children were part of the daily environment from which she drew her inspiration. These make lovely invitations for tea parties, Easter gatherings, children's parties, or just a sweet note to share with a friend.

    Size: 4" x 5 1/2"

    Interior: Blank

    6 cards/envelopes.

    Printed in USA.

  • Marjorie Tudor: Doll Collector Magazine Feature

    Contemporary Doll Collector Magazine features a 6-page article written by Linda White-Francis and is accompanied by seven large photographs of Marjorie Tudor's beautifully handmade dolls. The text offers insight into the importance and history of dolls within the Tasha Tudor family. Copies signed by Marjorie Tudor if requested and available.