Natural Watercolor Paints


Natural Watercolor Paints


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When children are very small they live in the moment and are fountains of creativity. Encouraging creativity is something of a lifestyle here on the Tudor Family homesteads, but art supplies are often made of toxic ingredients. Since children will inevitably ingest things they shouldn't, why not provide non-toxic food-grade materials for peace of mind?
Each Watercolor Paint Palette contains 8 vibrant and long lasting colors including yellow, red, pink, purple, green, blue, brown, orange and a natural wooden paintbrush. Your child will enjoy hours of fun creating their own masterpieces
Suitable for children aged 3+

Dimensions: Paint discs - .8" round x .4"

Honeysticks' mission is to create safe, sustainable products that children will LOVE to use, without the nasty chemical ingredients that you find in most products today. Honeysticks uses only sustainable, recycled/recyclable, and reusable ingredients and packaging as well as no plastic packaging throughout the whole process of manufacturing their products.

Tasha Tudor illustration of a child painting is found in her out-of-print 1979 book Springs of Joy.


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