Tasha Tudor-Style Half-Apron - Green


Tasha Tudor-Style Half-Apron - Green


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Tasha Tudor found aprons immensely useful for all sorts of household chores; carrying eggs in from the chicken coop, drying hands, holding a hot pot handle in a pinch, carrying a bunch of bulbs for planting and so on. The size of her aprons varied according to the size of the fabric she had on hand.  She usually made extra long apron ties so she could wrap them round back, then tie them in the front. Her aprons were made of smooth, sturdy cotton, usually a calico of some sort, which hides all the small stains from kitchen and farm activities.

She regularly wore four types of aprons; the half-apron pictured here, a full-length apron with a bib, a full-length pinafore with pockets and flounce, and a corduroy barn apron for mucking stalls. This half-apron is currently the only style available to purchase. 

Our half apron starts at the waist and lands somewhere around your knees (22" from waist to the bottom of apron). Waistband is one-inch high with extra-long apron ties. Width from side to side is 22" and the ties extend 29" on EACH side.

One size fits all. Supplies limited.

Made using high-quality 100% cotton quilting fabric. Handmade exclusively for us by a local Vermont seamstress.

Care Instructions: Machine wash and dry.

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