Bunny Love Sticker


Bunny Love Sticker


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When rabbits are part of your family, it's imperative to plant extra carrots for late summer picnics with your rabbits. If you've ever kept bunnies or guinea pigs, you'll remember that distinctive look they get in their steady eyes as they single-mindedly chew and seemingly absorb stalks of clover and carrot tops while their lips twitch about from side to side until the food has entirely disappeared. Or perhaps you have a house-trained rabbit who enjoys naps on the couch while you stroke the soft fur under their ears. Either way, these stickers are a reminder of joyful bunny love!

Thick, durable vinyl protects against scratches, rain & sunlight.

Good for water bottles, cellphones, notebooks, scrapbooking and more.

Sold individually.

Sized 2.5" wide by 4" high.

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Results 7 - 8 of 8