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Frances Hodgson Burnett's 1912 book The Secret Garden, is filled with memorable characters, but few are more enchanting than young Dickon who spends his days befriending the wild moor animals. Perhaps this sticker will remind you to take joy in the simple things that come with patience and grace, like training chickadees to eat from your hand, leaving apples for your resident porcupine until they become your friend and tending forgotten gardens. There is extraordinary beauty all around, and Dickon, breathing in the fresh moor air amidst the blooming gorse, reminds us to take part.

"Mary ran as quickly as she could to the garden. She had been away so much longer than she had thought she should and she knew Dickon would have to set out early on his five-mile walk. When she slipped through the door under the ivy, she saw he was not working where she had left him. The gardening tools were laid together under a tree. She ran to them, looking all around the place, but there was no Dickon to be seen. He had gone away and the secret garden was empty--except for the robin who had just flown across the wall and sat on a standard rose-bush watching her. 

'He's gone,' she said woefully, 'Oh! was he--was he--was he only a wood fairy?'

Something white fastened to the standard rose-bush caught her eye. It was a piece of paper, in fact, it was a piece of the letter she had printed for Martha to send to Dickon. It was fastened on the bush with a long thorn, and in a minute she knew Dickon had left it there. There were some roughly printed letters on it and a sort of picture. At first, she could not tell what it was. Then she saw it was meant for a nest with a bird sitting on it. Underneath were the printed letters and they said: 'I will cum bak.' "

Tasha illustrated the Secret Garden in 1962 and it remains the best-selling edition.

Thick, durable vinyl protects against scratches, rain & sunlight.

Good for water bottles, cellphones, notebooks, scrapbooking, and more.

Sold individually.

Sized 3" wide by 4.25" high.

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