April 3, 2021

bella march3 copy

Wishing you a Happy Easter from the puppies. They turned three months old near the end of March and we thought it was time for more photographs. Enjoy!

Bella march

All corgis are busy dogs and she is no exception. She has very certain ideas about how things should be, who should be doing what, and when they should be doing it, most especially her brother Paddington.   

bella march8

 Bella considers joining Henry, our English Shepherd, in a game of stick. 

Bella march2 copy

Henry is not sure if he wants to share.

bella march6

As puppies, every minute is an adventure. 

bella march5

Paddington gives Henry no rest and hopes to be just like him. 

bella march7

A game of tug on the birchbark. 

bella march9

Molly, our German Shepherd, and Bella play together. 

Bella march4 copy

Molly can't figure out how to get into such a small-sized game!