January 2, 2023

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So many of us are drawn to Tasha’s philosophy on living. Not every life has to be one of hustle and bustle. We partnered with The Posy Collection to create a new sampler incorporating Tasha's illustrations and her feeling that “there is no peace that cannot be found in the present moment.” Bring Tasha's gentle encouragement into your day while you're stitching this sampler and when the finished piece is displayed in your home. 

Tasha Tudor Sampler

Beloved children’s book illustrator and simple living icon, Tasha Tudor has delighted generations of fans around the world for more than half a century. This sampler features a child stitching contentedly with her cat companion and was inspired by an illustration in Tasha’s 1952 book First Prayers.

2598 Tasha Tudor Sampler xstitch 1

Tasha’s quote “There is no peace that cannot be found in the present moment,” brings Tasha’s inspiring ways to your home, gently encouraging you to take joy. In the tradition of historic samplers, there is a special place to sign and date your work so that future generations may enjoy it and remember the hands that made it.

First Prayers illustration of sampler

Produced with permission by The Posy Collection who has been “preserving our story in stitches” by interpreting major historical sites, prominent natural wonders, and selected graphic arts in cross stitch for three decades. 

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