September 15, 2016

"Explore miniature worlds that capture life's details...and capture the imagination." 

Mark your calendars! For a limited time this autumn and winter our good friends at the Concord Museum in historic Concord, Massachusetts will be exhibiting a rare collection of dollhouses and their miniature contents, including Tasha Tudor's Melissa Shakespeare! 

Here's what the Concord Museum has to say about the exhibition:

"View dollhouses and miniatures from the 17th through early 20th centuries. Discover the dollhouse's evolution from wealthy treasure to colorful children's plaything. Highlights include a rare dollhouse from 1695; 'room dollhouses' by one-time Concord resident Ruth Rosenfeld; and a large Hape Dollhouse with which visitors can play. 

There is even a celebrity doll -- Melissa Shakespeare, the beloved doll of children's book illustrator Tasha Tudor. "

Fans of Tasha Tudor will surely remember the famous doll wedding between Melissa Shakespeare and Thaddeus Crane which was featured in Life Magazine. What a treat to see the beautiful Ms. Melissa in person! We hear she hasn't aged a day since her wedding!

 {Pages from the issue of Life Magazine that featured the famous Doll Wedding}

The exhibit will be on display starting October 14th until January 15th. The Concord Museum will be hosting several related events throughout the exhibition months including a day of Tasha Tudor Family Stories with Tasha's daughter-in-law Marjorie Tudor and an Author and Illustrator Day  where Tasha's grandson Winslow Tudor will be signing his new cookbook!

We hope to see you there!