November 1, 2016

As the nights grow longer and the last leaves fall from the trees a stillness sets in. In the summer we are drawn out into the world, whether to far off lands or to the pond at the end of the road, but something in us shifts as we settle into autumn and winter. The hearth calls to us and its warmth draws us near, draws us together. Is there anything cozier than huddling close to a fire with loved ones, sipping tea and sharing stories on a cold November night?

It seems fitting that the coldest months of the year are filled with holidays that bring us together. The warmth of friendship, family, and tradition fills us up and protects us from the frosty winds and dark nights.

{Tasha's Hearth}

There is nothing so sweet as the spirit of togetherness.

This season, we invite you to ponder the magic of togetherness with us. Throughout the month we will post new stories or projects on our inspiration blog that celebrates the joy that comes from traditions and sharing with others. 

{Peeling by Richard Brown}

On cold late-autumn days nothing warms up our home and spirit so much as baking sweet treats to share with family and friends. This month we will be posting a Pumpkin Pie recipe from Winslow Tudor's new book The Tasha Tudor Family Cookbook , just in time for Thanksgiving!

Many of you have been eagerly awaiting this season's selection of seeds from Tasha's beautiful garden. Collecting the seeds from Tasha's many heirloom plant and flower varieties has been a time honored tradition in the Tudor family and we are proud to continue it this year. As we collect and prepare the seeds for purchase we will share the process of collecting seeds from Tasha's Pumpkin crop with you so you can get a glimpse into this wonderful family tradition.

We will also be sharing wonderful little craft projects, fun for all ages, such as making Sparrow Boxes and making your own Tasha Tudor style Advent calendar!  


{Christmas Festivities}

We are very excited for what's in store and hope you will join us as we celebrate the spirit of togetherness!