December 24, 2020

 Dolls Christmas Tree
In our Christmas tidings today, we'd like to share a perspective from Tasha:
"For many years, my family and I celebrated our own dolls' Christmas, and it became a holiday tradition we all cherished." 


The Dolls Christmas

"My fascination for dolls and dollhouses began when I was seven years old and my mother made me a dollhouse for Christmas. We named it "Pumpkin House" because it was magical, just like the pumpkin in the Cinderella tale. I believed in that magic all through my childhood years.



"Later, as a young mother, I needed something to keep my children busy while I prepared Christmas dinner and decorated the tree. To have the dolls celebrate Christmas seemed like the perfect diversion. As the children got older, it became much more elaborate, evolving into a large celebration with their friends, dolls, and stuffed animals. Before long the whole family got involved, and the dolls' marionette show became a project everyone enjoyed working on.
Spirit of Goodwill
"The dollhouse was quite real to all of us. By celebrating the dolls' Christmas, we were able to enjoy Christmas twice. My children learned the very essence of giving as they made gifts for the dolls to give each other. Eventually, the dolls came to epitomize the spirit of goodwill, both for me and my children.


"It was all great fun and those memories are among my happiest. The Tudor dolls continue to celebrate Christmas even though my children have children of their own. Magic isn't meant to be limited to childhood. If properly nourished, it will last a lifetime."
Our very best wishes for a Merry Christmas to all of our customers whom we consider a part of our extended family.
*This piece was printed in 1999 as the forward to a reprint of her 1950 The Dolls' Christmas book.