December 1, 2022

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In 2007, Tudor fan Sandi shared with us that her daughter Alanna had been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Without hesitation, we sent her two books: Tasha Tudor’s Garden and The Private World of Tasha Tudor, hoping Tasha’s wisdom might provide moments of comfort through the difficult days ahead of them.

Sandi reached out recently to share that Alanna made a full recovery and remains in good health today. She added that “I have had to downsize and give many of my books away BUT I kept my beloved Tasha books in hopes that I could re-gift them as you did for me many years ago!” 

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Sandi donated the two titles back to us, as well as the rest of her Tasha Tudor book collection. She writes "It is my heart's wish to find a new loving home for these beautiful books for families or children that may not be able to afford books for themselves.”

“I watch Tasha's videos and they always bring my heart Joy! I hope these books will bring another heart some Joy too! I have been there on your beautiful garden tours and am blessed to have been that close to your beloved family and lifestyle. You have kept her legacy alive and I thank you for what you do each day! Thank you for your gift from many years ago and for allowing me to re-gift these inspirational books."

Though Alanna survived, the O’Neill family suffered a tragedy when daughter Michelle Ann lost her battle with gall bladder cancer. Sandi says “I would like to donate the books in her name, as she spread joy to everyone she knew til her last breath. It will be 5 years on October 29th, 2022 when she went to be with our Heavenly Father above.”

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We are hosting a giveaway of Sandi's generously donated books over on Instagram. We invite you to enter by finding us on Instagram (there's a link at the top of this page), navigating to the giveaway post, tagging someone you are grateful for and sharing something you love about them. Tag as many people as you’d like. Let's be grateful for all that we have together. 

Giveaway closes December 2, 2022 midnight ET. Winner will be chosen at random. Open to U.S. mailing addresses only.

✨ A Time to Keep
✨ A Brighter Garden
✨ The Private World of Tasha Tudor
✨ A Tale for Easter
✨ All for Love
✨ Rosemary for Remembrance
✨ Dawn from New England
✨ Forever Christmas (2 copies)
✨ The Art of Tasha Tudor
✨ Tasha Tudor's Dollhouse
✨ Tasha Tudor's Garden