Tasha Tudor's Garden


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Until this book was published in 1994, most people had only caught glimpses of Tasha Tudor's storied landscape. In this gorgeous book, two of Tasha's friends, gardener Tovah Martin and photographer Richard Brown, take us into Tasha's magical garden among her riotus blooms and even inside Corgi Cottage! As we revel in the vivacity of violas and cinnamon pinks, the intricacy of the formal peony garden, and the voluptuousness of the heirloom roses, we also learn Tasha's gardening secrets, season by season. 

In 2020, several customers alerted us that they could no longer purchase this book in their local bookstores. Sure enough, this inspiring book is now out-of-print and we offer you the very last of the new copies. Priced accordingly. 

160 pages.

Full-color photographs.


Sized 10 1/2" x 8 1/2"

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