Bella Corgi Puppy


Bella Corgi Puppy


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Tasha is well known for her love of corgis. In describing them she said: "Corgis are not unlike foxes, except for short legs and no tail. I believe they are enchanted. You only need to see them by moonlight to realize this." 

In 2021, Marjorie and Seth Tudor adopted two corgi puppies. The real Bella is shown in one of the photographs above. She's friendly, cuddly, and wants to say hello to everyone! But when she's resting, she sleeps very deeply, and this plush corgi looks like she's on her way to dreamland. It just so happens that her favorite place to curl up is in your lap!

With her specially designed lounging pose and carefully selected soft materials, this plush puppy is at the head of the pack when it comes to quality cuddle time! Bella’s coat features tan and white colors with realistic markings to give her that genuine Corgi look. Large ears and short legs accentuate his breed-specific appearance. We guarantee with just one look into this dog’s beautiful, amber-colored eyes, you’ll find yourself coming down with a serious case of puppy love. Bring home this charmer today, Bella the Welsh Corgi is a soft armful of affection!

13" long by 6" high. Weighs 9.6 ounces. 

Incredibly soft and very cute, and produced by New Hampshire company, Douglas Cuddle Toys. Made in Indonesia. 100% recycled stuffing. For 24 months and up. Surface washable.

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