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Our plush corgis are so realistic you might mistake them for a real corgi straight out of one of Tasha Tudor's books! 

When Tasha's great-granddaughter Ellie was 5-years-old, she determined that Freya is the momma to Cricket and Freddie, and Jefferson is the puppy of Cricket and Freddie. These plush toys are great for children and adults alike.

Incredibly soft and very cute, and produced by New Hampshire company, Douglas Cuddle Toys. Imported.

Freya: 16" long (much larger in scale than Freddie & Cricket plush corgis), safe for ages 24 months and up.

If you look at the photo of all four corgis together you'll better understand their relative size to each other.  In photo, left to right: Freddie, Jefferson Pup, Cricket and Freya.

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Results 1 - 6 of 7