Puppy Love Corgi Sticker or Magnet


Puppy Love Corgi Sticker or Magnet

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Is there any greater moment than when a child first meets the new family puppy? Imagine the delight in her heart as she holds this sweet corgi pup. She is already planning for the puppy to sleep on her bed, to run together through the summer fields and to be the very best of friends. 

This illustration appeared in Tasha's 1966 book First Delights along with many other illustrations of the simple pastimes children engage in. 

Sticker: Thick, durable vinyl protects against scratches, rain & sunlight.  Good for water bottles, cellphones, notebooks, and more.

Magnet: Good for the breadbox, icebox (as Tasha called the refrigerator), metal filing cabinets, cars, and more.

Sold individually.

Sized 3 7/8" wide by 4" high.

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