Becky's Birthday Card Set


Becky's Birthday Card Set


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A beautiful birthday scene with a beautiful glowing cake floating down a river decked out with an array of colorful flowers and surrounded by a procession of smaller cakes being watched by a group of delighted children as the dusk settles the candles illuminate everything, a truly magical scene.

Tasha based this and other similar paintings on a birthday gathering that actually took place while her children where young in which she floated a birthday cake down the river behind her home. The current began sweeping it away and disaster was averted when her son Seth jumped in to rescue the cake. 

We've successfully floated cakes in water barrels, ponds which are both a bit less nerve-wracking than rivers. 

These cards would be well-suited as invitations to such a gathering. 

6 cards with envelopes.  4" x 5"  Interior greeting: Blank 

Never before available as a greeting card. Artwork taken from Tasha Tudor's 1960 out-of-print book Becky's Birthday.

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Results 1 - 6 of 8