Tudor Family

  • Birchbark Valentines

    Winslow Tudor
    February 12, 2011

    As January turns into February and the days become longer, Valentines Day approaches. Cards of an affectionate nature arrive in the mail or appear on the table, perhaps merely a prelude to the flowers and confections to follow.

  • Chicks Peep and Hens Don't

    After publishing her first book Roosters Crow and Hens Don't in 2015, Ellie Tudor realized the general public needed even more information to fully understand chickens the way she does.  She developed this second volume, again, self-motiviated.  In this book, she shows us how hens take care of their chicks, where they sleep, what they eat, what they discuss, and so much more. A delightful and informative read for children and adults alike! 

    Published by Rooster Crow Press. 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" 16 pages long.Color illustrations.

  • Doll Size Flatware Tray

    Tasha did not keep good silverware in her tray; rather it held kitchen utensils of various sorts. Doll sized quarter reproduction of Tasha's own flatware tray. Length 3.5'' Depth 2 5/8'' Height 1.5''

  • Ellie Tudor and Her Chickens

    March 14, 2017
    Tasha Tudor is known for her charming illustrations that depict the friendship and love between children and animals. Her watercolors of little boys and girls ambling through fields of flowers in the company of corgis, lambs, and chicks radiate innocence and the magic of a childhood spent living close to nature. 
    With rosy cheeks and bright eyes Ellie Tudor, the 7 year old great granddaughter of Tasha Tudor, looks like she walked right out of one of her great granny’s illustrations. Though Ellie was born after Tasha passed away, it is clear that her great granny’s spirit lives on in her, and in more ways than one. 
  • Hollyhocks

    Winslow Tudor
    August 31, 2012
    Beyond the grape arbor and to the south of the greenhouse resides Tasha’s hollyhock bank. Its proximity to the herb circle subtly unites it with the rest of the garden, but by late July when much of the color in the garden has faded it is the focal point, for the hollyhocks are in full bloom. Ranging from pure white to varying shades of pink and yellow, the hollyhocks are a wonderful presence, particularly very late in the afternoon when the sun sets beyond the field and for a moment casts its light across the entire garden.
  • June Garden

    Winslow Tudor
    July 16, 2014

    A hot, humid, sunny, windless July day invariably brought an extra degree of happiness to Tasha, especially if she was gardening. By July the perfection of a June garden has mellowed into a green and pastel sprawl of perennials and annuals, some still in bloom but also preparing fruits and seeds. 

  • Marjorie Tudor Remembrance card small

  • Marjorie Tudor: Benjamin & Wild Rabbit Print

    Benjamin makes friends with a wild rabbit as they romp in the field. Signed and matted (cream) 5x7 print.

  • Marjorie Tudor: Corgi Puppy Valentine Cards Set

    Marjorie's popular corgi valentines have been herded into one set!

    Four images, two cards of each, for a total of eight cards. Each image has a different Valentine's themed message inside, such as: "My heart's a gift to you" or "Of my love the angels in Heaven might tell."

    Printed on lovely, uncoated, textured paper.

    Sized 4x6. Perfect for anyone you are fond of!

  • Marjorie Tudor: Cut Wool Rabbit, Upright, Large

    Marjorie has artistically mastered this old-fashioned English craft, taught to her by her Mother-in-Law, Tasha Tudor.

  • Marjorie Tudor: Enjoying the View Print

    Marjorie's latest charming watercolor, a corgi and his friend enjoy the view. Signed and matted (cream) 5x7 print.

  • Marjorie Tudor: Frau Dagmar Print

    One of many beautiful rose hips. Signed and matted (dark green) 5x7 print.

  • Marjorie Tudor: I See the Moon Print

    The blue sky radiates with the warmth of a winter moon. Signed and matted (cream) 5x7 print.

  • Marjorie Tudor: Iris and Rose Print

    Iris and Rose share flowers under a beautifully illustrated arch. Signed and matted (cream) 5x7 print.

  • Marjorie Tudor: Me and My Friend Print

    A happy image of a girl and her corgi, with bright balloons against the sky. Signed and matted (medium blue) 5x7 print.

  • Marjorie Tudor: Mouse on Back Print

    A sweet mouse lounges on his back for a snooze under a daisy. Signed and matted (cream) 5x7 print.

  • Marjorie Tudor: My Jenny Print

    Jenny shares secrets with a gosling. Signed and matted (medium blue) 5x7 print.

  • Marjorie Tudor: Our Friendly Wizard Print

    This beautifully painted wizard is a real doll that Majorie Tudor made for her son, Benjamin. The Friendly Wizard reads bedtime stories to those afraid of the dark. Signed and matted (dark green) 5x7 print.


  • Marjorie Tudor: Outdoor Tea Party Print

    Young friends enjoy an outdoor tea party as the animals look on for crumbs. Signed and matted (cream) 5x7 print.

  • Marjorie Tudor: Sara's Kittens Print

    Sara entertains her two kittens with a ball of yarn. Signed and matted (medium blue) 5x7 print.