Harley is a 4 year old Pembroke who takes the corgi connection to the Queen very seriously. She is regal and royal and all things in charge.
Tacoma, WA

Hi there!! I am Mr Stubbs!! I am a Manx and I was named after the cat in Tasha Tudor's book "Mr. Stubbs" because I look like him and we both lack long tails!! I even have a nick in my ear like the star of this book!! ( I also live with a Corgi!)
Western N.Y.

Here is Ashley Maggie May with Harley the parrot who adores her!
Western N.Y.

Hello! My Name is Ashley Maggie May, I live with lots of other animals! 2 doggies, 7 goats, a llama, 2 cats and a parrot!!! I have had the great honor to visit Corgi Cottage, and also have attended Tasha Tudor events, in which I had GREAT FUN!!!!
Western N.Y

I became enthralled with Corgyn from reading books about Tasha about 25 years ago. I was very fortunate to be able to get my first corgi 12 years ago. She is still with me & doing well. She is my constant companion, I can't picture life without her.
Burlingame, KS

These are my very loved, very spoiled horses. I don't think Tasha had horses, but I have loved & had horses since I was a small child.
Burlingame. KS

A real character and a mind of her own......................
Saint Ansgar, Iowa

Sethany Ann is one half Havanese, one quarter Lhasa and one quarter Shih Szu. She lives in South Florida with a large collection of Tasha Tudor memorabilia. She is named after one of the dolls in The Doll's Christmas. Her Mom thinks she is the best.
Lake Worth, Florida

Jake is now a 9 year old Corgi and is the epitome of his breed! He loves chasing squirrels, alerting his family to possible danger, belly rubs, treats of any kind and ANY ball. His favorite is his purple Jolly ball. Jake is our love bug.
Jill & Gary
Newington, CT

Obviously not a Corgi, Chinch is an Austrailian Shepherd and this is a pastel I did last week at his owners request. He has his eye on a paddle boarder way out in the lake.
Diane Flanigan
Bordentown NJ