I'd like you to meet Leo our 1 year old fluffy. People tell me us is the most beautiful dog they have ever seen. I tell them he is the devil! He is 100% pure Corgi Puppy and I love every challenging moment of his adolescence.

I first became aware of Tasha and her wonderful works when I was employed at a little gift shop in Traverse City, MI. For years now I have sent out her wonderful cards. This is a picture of our Harley who passed away last November and Beau Geste.
Traverse City, MI

My two rescue dogs Lois and Maggie. Lois is the short stalky one, I call her my Jane Russell Terrier since I prefer to refer to her as my full figured girl.
Kansas City, Missouri

Here is a picture of my Cardigan Corgis. Perl (left) is 17 months and Bonnie is three.

Just adopted over the weekend from a puppy mill raid a baby Airedale, I named her Olive, her pic attached. She is only 10 wks old, what a stinker but a sweetie!
Kansas City, Missouri

Sophie is 6 years old and has been my constant pal since I got her at 8 weeks. She hikes challenging terrain with gusto as long as the snow isn't too deep - although she really tries! The photos were taken after a 42" fluffy snowfall.
La Crosse, WI