January 30, 2023

Many packets of hollyhock, bellflower, sweet cicely, and columbine seeds from Tasha's garden. Packets say Tasha Tudor on the front and have Tasha Tudor's illustrations on them.

Include Tasha's legacy in your cottage garden with flower seeds from Tasha Tudor's garden. Our 2023 offerings will be released for sale on February 4 at 7 pm EST, online only. We've been fielding many emails about them and expect many varieties will sell out the same day. 

This year we will be offering ten varieties of flower seeds. We apologize ahead of time for the difficulty in deciding which to order! On February 4 at 7 pm, look in the Secret Garden section of our online shop for sweet rocket, forget-me-not, foxglove, yellow foxglove, sweet cicely (garden myrrh), lupine, heirloom hollyhock, campanula, columbine, and heirloom lettuce poppy. 

yellow foxglove flower

We haven't caught our crop of yellow foxgloves (above) at the right moment in some time due to wet weather, but we were able to harvest dry seed pods in 2022, so enjoy! Once you get them established, they'll cozy right into their spot and bloom reliably for years.

Winslow and Amy gather, dry, and clean our seeds by hand each year, a process that begins in mid-June with the forget-me-nots and finishes with the hollyhocks and myrrh in early September. We store our small crop in canning jars in a cool, dry, dark spot until after the holidays when we pack them into their individual packets by hand.

poppy seed packet lores 

Annuals such as poppies must be planted each year. Winslow tried growing our poppies on Tasha's top terrace last growing season, remembering them growing there in his youth. The rich soil, built up over four decades with finished manure, received high marks from the poppies. Lugging endless watering cans to the southern-facing, well-drained terrace earned low marks from the people but was worth it in the end. Winslow coaxed the late spring grass-like spikes to gray lettuce leaves to alluring nodding buds to gently hued flowers and finally to distinctive seed pods. Poppies are one of those rare plants that are visually satisfying at every stage.


Photo by Richard W Brown

Packets of Tasha's Bellflowers include white, a soft purple (above) and an even lighter lavender. They all bloom in June here in Vermont but open at slightly different times. All three colors are harvested, dried, winnowed, and packed together, so it is likely each packet will contain all three colors. 


Photo by Richard W Brown

Tasha had a magic touch with foxgloves. We can't promise that yours will be this tall, but it never hurts to try! In all things, Tasha persevered. What does this look like in the garden? She recommended getting three plants and planting them in three separate suitable spots. Whichever plant did the best, plant more there. Foxgloves can be fussy to overwinter and prefer a spot that won't allow water to collect around the crown. They tend to pop up in newly disturbed soil and will bloom in the second year. They bring such stately magic when your efforts to grow them succeed!


Photo by Richard W Brown

Tasha's hollyhocks (above) and poppies (not shown) are two living treasures as they have both been handed down through generations of Tudors. More about hollyhocks here. 


Photo by Richard W Brown

Look at the frill on this light pink hollyhock. It seems to enjoy the companionship of its clematis neighbor.

sweet rocket seeds rb

Photo by Richard W Brown

Sweet rocket lights up our gardens in early spring and is an early food for butterflies and hummingbirds. We offer this in three open-pollinated colors, mixed together in the same batch. Also known as dame's rocket, the plant has naturalized as a tameable wildflower for us but is classified as an invasive in some states. As with all plants, please garden responsibly. 

Remember, you won't see the seeds listed in the Secret Garden category of our online shop until the release time. We recommend testing the login to your account ahead of time. Thank you for supporting our work to the living parts of Tasha's legacy with your seed purchase. Good luck!

Notice: Seeds are intended for personal use only. Growing plants for sale is only available via licensing and is otherwise prohibited under intellectual property law. We regret that we no longer ship seeds internationally due to issues with customs.