Storytime Christmas Cards Set


Storytime Christmas Cards Set


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In this classic Tasha Tudor image, four children gather around their young mother, who wears s a homespun apron and knitted tip-to-tip shawl, ready to hear a Christmas story; Tasha's 1975 version of the Night Before Christmas. The smallest boy is holding his toy bunny which a corgi is grinning at. The eldest girl is holding a black and white striped kitten while the glow of Christmas surrounds them. This fine sample of one of Tasha's legendary borders contains a delightful array of toys, gifts and holiday treats. This image truly makes one remember 'visions of sugar plums."

Image originally sold as a print in 1996 by Tasha's business at the time, Corgi Cottage Industries. This is the first time it has been offered as a Christmas card.

Interior Greeting: "Merry Christmas!"

10 cards/envelopes.

Size 5" x 7"

Printed in USA

Exclusively available here, you won't find them anywhere else.



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