Bringing the Tree Quilt Label Set


Bringing the Tree Quilt Label Set


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Bringing in the tree is always a special event. Here, you can intertwine that special moment with your caring, handmade quilt and make something truly remarkable.

Originally published in The Dolls’ Christmas, this illustration captures the joyful spirit of a Tasha Tudor Christmas.

There are several ways to use this Tasha Tudor illustrated quilt label on your quilt. Using floss of your choice, embroider selected elements of the label to accent artwork as desired or leave the label as is. 

With a permanent waterproof pen (e.g. Pigma Micron Fine Line) write your information on the label. Test pen first on fabric edge to ensure the ink does not run. 

Affix the label to the back of the finished quilt.

Set of two quilt labels

Finished size 5” x 5”

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Results 1 - 5 of 5