Dolls' Christmas Cards Set


Dolls' Christmas Cards Set


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Decorating the Dolls' Christmas Tree: Two sisters Laura and Efner Happily decorate the dolls Christmas tree Efner happily strings a festive garland around the small tree, well Sethany Ann and Nicey Melinda the dolls watch happily well contentedly sitting in their rocking chairs Tasha and her family used to celebrate dolls Christmases and cherished the event very much.

Dolls to the Woods: Laughing Laura and Efner walk back through the snow holding their dolls and Christmas tree accompanied by two cats and a happy dog holding a sprig of Balsam.

Dolls’ Christmas Tree:  Six happy dolls sit around a fine Christmas tree beaming, they are unwrapping fans aprons parasol's, and many other things, they are wearing an array of colorful old fashioned dresses and leaning on comfortable pillows. 

Set includes 6 cards (two of each image) and six envelopes.

About 4" x 5" 

Interior: Blank

Printed in the U.S. 

Illustrations were originally published in Tasha's 1950 Dolls' Christmas (out-of-print.)

Exclusively available here, you won't find them anywhere else.

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Results 1 - 6 of 6